Hair Integration in Manchester and Cheshire

Hair integration in Manchester and Cheshire

#1 best Hair Integration in Manchester and Cheshire. Over the years Nya Impressions has trialed and tested a series amount of hair brands, for the use of our wigs, Hair Integration and Wigs in Manchester and Cheshire.
We offer some of the highest quality hair available in the market today! Our wigs and hair integration systems are suitable for all, including Afro textured, Asian & European on both men and women.
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We have many clients who suffer from many forms of alopecia. We use Swiss or Silk lace for our wigs and hair integration systems.
Our hair integration systems vary in accordance to our clients hair. All our systems are safe and with the majority of our clients, their hair has shown signs of growth and retention!

Unfortunately not all forms of hairloss can be restored, however we give advice and techniques on how to manage all forms of hairloss without neglecting the scalp.
We offer deep treatments and aftercare advice, to aid you inbetween your maintenance, removal and refit appointments.

blonde double drawn hair extension weft

Sew-In Hair Integration 

We currently offer Sew- in hair integration: Perfect for clients who want to wear hair extensions different to their natural hair colour or texture. It is also ideal for clients who want to protect their hair from the elements, whilst retaining their hair growth. This is a fab low manipulation hair style! Braids are added where needed under a Swiss lace or a mesh net. A silk/lace closure or fringe is added, alongside wefted hair extensions. Some of our clients prefer to have some of their hair left out so they can wear many versatile styles.

Many of our female clients opt for a sew in lace wig integration. Same method is applied however instead of a weft a lace wig is used. These techniques are suitable for mild to moderate hair loss. In addition to this many of our Male clients choose their toupee to be glued on, with non evasive non surgical bonding glue. This glue is perfectly safe, and is use in theatres and in the acting profession. Celebrities use this technique alike! The toupee will stay on whilst showering, gym, physical activities as well as every day activities.

Partial Hair Integration 

Partial Hair Integration- Clients choose this method if they have hair loss in certain areas such as the crown, nape of the neck or edges. A lace/ silk based closure is used, alongside wefts hair extensions and Swiss lace or mesh net. This is particular common in Male and females who suffer from premature balding, hormonal changes, medication side effects, cancer patients or side effects to illnesses. We will need a sample of your hair, in order to colour match and texture match your hair. This will be used to custom make your toupee/closure.

Full Head Hair Integration 

Full head Hair Integration- this may be recommended if you have moderate to severe hair loss. A topper is used alongside hair extension wefts, non surgical bonding glue, & Swiss lace.


Non surgical Hair Integration in Manchester and Cheshire prices from £610 (Hair Extensions included).​ Own hair fittings (please provide your own hair piece) from £75. *On average:
Hair integration fittings- 1.5 hours approx
Removal- £35 per half hour. Average time is approx 30 mins- 1 hour . Wash, condition, detangle and dry takes approx 30 mins

*This is an estimated duration. Time is dependant on hair type, thickness and detangling.
Quotes given upon consultation.

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