We at Nya Impressions totally understand concerns or queries about your hair.
Below is a selection of answers to frequently asked questions you may have. We hope you feel happier and confident in choosing Nya Impressions Hair Tech.

How do I book in for a Hair appointment?

You can book an appointment via our website, scroll down to ‘Book now’ you then be directed to our booking app. Select the service which best suits your requirements, then fill out the details and make a payment by card.

If you would like to pay by cash/apple or Android Pay at the appointment. Then please follow the directions from our demo.

Braids & Twists:

Is my hair suitable?

Please drop us an email or an Instagram Direct Message of a photo/video of your hair (you do not need to show your face) and we will be able to best advise.

I have Hairloss or Hair breakage, can my hair be styled?

We are hairloss specialists, therefore every style or product we offer is to prevent and manage hairloss. Please book in for a ‘Hair Analysis Consultation’ from our booking app.

Shall I prepare my hair before I attend to the appointment?

Yes, please Shampoo your hair before your appointment whilst we are at our temporary address. Once we have moved to our Permanent address we will have access to our backwash unit. Therefore we can shampoo, condition your hair as a service.

How long will my style last?

On average braids/twists can last up to:

Type 1&2 hair- 3days- 2 weeks approx.

Type 3 hair- 1 week- 2 weeks approx.

Type 4 hair- 2-4 weeks approx.

This is a rough guide. Which is dependant on hair length as well as aftercare.

How do I wash my hair with the braids/twists in?

On the day of the appointment, we will discuss with you how to manage the aftercare. We can send you a demo video!

How do I take out the braids/twists?

We will discuss with you on how to best proceed safely to avoid hairloss and hair breakage. Please note that you will have shedding, this is a natural part of the hair cycle. Or you can come back to us to open out your hair. This is an additional service, therefore please notify us before you come back for a re style. So we can factor in this service accordingly.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a method of adding Human or synthetic hair onto your own natural hair. This is to add volume, length or to fill in gaps of thinning or hair loss in areas.

Am I suitable for hair extensions?

The majority of people who wish to have hair extensions generally are suitable. However a few people may not be depending on hair loss issues, the condition of their hair, or severity of hair damage.
Please do not worry these factors will be discussed during the Hair Analysis Consultation. A consultation is compulsory for all clients who require hair extensions.

Do I really need a Hair Analysis Consultation? I’ve had extensions fitted previous by another Stylist.

We totally understand why you may question this. However in order for us to provide you a high standard of service, we need a consultation. We need to perform tests, colour match your hair, discuss what desired look is achievable, find the correct hair texture needed. Last but not least find the most suitable method for your hair at the right lengths.
All this will give you a tailored customised experience!

Is my hair long enough for hair extensions

In order to have hair extensions which look fabulous! Nya Impressions recommends your natural hair to be at least 4/5 inches long.

What type of hair do you provide?

Nya Impressions Hair Tech (N.I.H.T) offers Angel Remy, which is double drawn. Virgin, Russian & Russian Slavic in single drawn.

What do the terms Remy, Virgin, European, Russian & Virgin Remy hair mean?

Remy hair is cuticle correct, which means that the hair has been harvested with all cuticles going in the same direction. The pony tail has been carefully cut from the persons head and is tied securely at the top, to ensure that the hair is in the correct direction.

Virgin Remy hair is the finest quality hair and all the cuticles are correct, facing the same direction. It is unprocessed – meaning no chemicals have been used prior to being cut from the donors head. It is very expensive and is of a high grade quality. Suitable for all hair textures & types.

Eurasian & European hair is the best quality and is expensive, therefore it is harder to source. It feels finer and silkier and is most suitable for ladies with European hair textures.

Russian hair is of a high quality it is seen as the ‘platinum standard’ of hair which is reflected in the price. It also feels finer and silkier and is most suitable for ladies with European hair textures.

All of the hair used at Nya Impressions are of a HIGH standard which is durable and long lasting.

Do I really need hair extension maintenance?

Yes! Nya Impressions HIGHLY recommends you attend your maintenance appointments. It is very important for us to check every 4-6 weeks that your hair is in good condition. At the maintenance appointments we check that your hair isn’t matting, damaged, and that you are following good aftercare. We also re-tighten and re-do any hair that may have loosened or slipped out. This is to ensure that your hair extensions are well maintained and looks fabulous!

Can Nya Impressions maintain my hair if I have had it fitted by another hairstylist or Hair technician? Can I provide my own hair extensions?

Am afraid not. We do not maintain any other hairstylist or hair technicians work. We suggest you go back to the person who fitted your hair extensions and allow them to maintain the hair. Then if you prefer, we can fit hair extensions for you.
We can if you require us to uninstall hair extensions. However as we do not know if any damaged was caused by the install or maintenance, we ask that you sign a declaration form.
We do allow clients to bring their own extensions, however we are not responsible for the quality of the hair you provide.

What does the terms ‘Maintenance’ & ‘Refit’ mean?

Maintenance appointment involves checking the positioning of the hair extensions, repositioning them in certain areas and topping up with new hair if needed.

Refit is a full removal of the hair extensions and refitting it with the same hair extensions.

I want to provide my own hair, how much do I need to bring?

On average you need about the same thickness of hair extensions to your own hair ratio. If your hair is long enough to tie into a ponytail. Measure the hair extensions to your ponytail, the same or more thickness is appropriate.

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