Curly wavy hair extensions in Manchester

Have you been searching for curly wavy hair extensions in Manchester to no avail? There are not many hair extension stylists who specialise in the application of curly and wavy hair. Many will straighten the natural hair forcing it to blend with the straight hair extensions. This is acceptable if you can style your hair at home and for the short term. However for the long term, it is best avoided as this can encourage hair breakage or even traction alopecia.
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Here at Nya Impressions Hair Tech we use a wide range of curly and wavy hair extensions. We have sourced hair extension brands who use Russian curly and wavy hair. In addition to this our own brand ‘Nya’s Virgin Hair’ has been trailed and tested for over 4 years. High end and exquisite quality, which is difficult to beat! Our brand has a wide range of curly and wavy hair textures.
Nya Impressions Hair Tech’s focus is creating the most effortless blend. As we totally understand the difficulty in fighting to blend the two different textures. One being your naturally curly or wavy hair and the other straight hair extensions. We resonate that you may not have to time and effort to keep trying to get these two textures to blend, using high heat or bendy rollers. We emphasise that you may be regretful of stepping out into the rain or humid temperatures, only to look into the mirror to find out that all your efforts of blending your hair has been undone. Fearful to see that now your hair is a terrible mess!
We have a solution to our problems, you needn’t fret any longer! We also hand bespoke weft hair into tips and tape in hair extensions upon request. We look forward to hearing from you.