Managing hairloss and thinning

Hairloss in Manchester and Cheshire

Managing hairloss and thinning. If your hair is thinning due to breakage, not all hair extensions and braids will be suitable.

Common complaints:
• Hair is breaking at the front/edges of the hairline.
• Hair is becoming thinner at the front/edges of the hair line.
• Hair is thinner at the crown.
• Hair is breaking at the nape.
• Hair is becoming thinner at the nape

Common causes:
• Hormone changes
• Medication
• Traction alopecia
• Stress
• Age

Hairloss and hair thinning management tips

Our at home care tips:
• We strongly advise against braids, protective styling and all forms of hair extensions. Due to the fact that tension on the hair problem areas can worsen.
• We recommend that a low manipulation style is used, until the breakage ceases. Examples are a loose bun or a loose hair up do. You could also wear a silk/satin headscarf or headband. These are available for purchase at our home base salon or at hair shops local to us. Using a silk/satin material can help retain moisture and avoid tension, excessive rubbing and tugging of the hair.
• Take gentle care when detangling and washing your hair.
• Oil massage on your scalp for 5 mins before or during washing. This helps promote stimulation- the blood flow regulation to the surface of the hair follicle. Our go to oils which help stimulate growth are:
• Black seed oil
• Almond oil
• Jamaican black castor oil.

Services we maybe able to offer:
• Deep conditioning or protein repair treatements.
• Dominican Blowouts.
• Hair Integration systems.
Up/low do’s.
• Loose buns.

Non surgical hairloss treatment in Manchester

If you require a service from us, and you have the above hair complaints. You would need to book in for a consultation, so we can assess the hair and give you further expert hairloss management advice. 
Consultations are £15 and last up to 45 mins. An analysis, recommendations and a next step plan will be given.
Please click on the link address and fill out the questionnaire. We will endeavour to get back to you

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